Good news and a little bit of admin.

After a bit of extra work that nobody wanted, the popular Members-Only section of the site is back online. Hooray!

In it, we put documents about the conduct of the society, the list of members, and a selection of really useful and interesting historic publications for free download. To get to it, you need to be

  • a paid-up member of the society, and
  • have registered as a user of the website, and
  • been checked as a member to have your account turned on.

Registration is as easy as we can make it - you just need your usual name, a username (nickname), an email address and a password of your own choice.

If you are one of the many members who registered before February 2016, we are sorry that it has not been practical to re-create your account for you, and you will need to go through registration again. (You can use the same username and password as before or change them if you wish.)

You'll find Registration on the Members' Site menu. Just follow the instructions on screen. It should all work ok, but if you get stuck, email the webmaster for help. I'll respond as soon as I can, but bear in mind that I do have to go to sleep or go off hunting for old tools from time to time.

Don't forget to let us know what you think and send us suggestions for other features you would like to see provided. Lots more material will be added over the coming months.

PS - On a more positive note, our Videos section is back!




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