The Ken Hawley Collection Trust receives many queries from the public concerning hand tools.  To answer these, they call on the specialist knowledge of their Volunteer Curators (currently there are 25+ volunteers) and anyone else they feel might have suitable knowledge.   Of course, with the sad loss of Ken Hawley last year, his massive source of knowledge is no longer available. With the closer relationship that is developing between our two organisations, the idea has developed of TATHS members with particular fields of knowledge becoming External Curators for the Hawley.

Do you have specialist knowledge of a particular subject?  Would you like to become an External Curator?

The way it will work is that you let me have your name, preferred contact arrangements, and specialist subject; I’ll pass these to the Hawley for adding to their register.  Queries will be passed to you from the Hawley; and you’ll reply to the Hawley.  Your name will not be passed to the public unless you wish it to be.

What, me, an expert? 

You don’t have to be the No 1 World Expert on the subject, just reasonably knowledgeable.  You can resign at any time.  It’s an honorary role (i.e. you don’t get paid)  The information you provide will be passed to the person enquiring with the proviso “this is opinion” and your name will not be given unless you wish it to be.

Already David Blagg has agreed to offer his knowledge of Spiers planes; and Richard Arnold his expertise on early wooden planes.   (Two excellent choices, you’ll agree).  I can think of several more; you will no doubt have names that will come to mind. 

So, as they say up here, “think on it” and if you think you might possibly be able to help, or would like to know more, please get in touch with me (Hugh Thompson,  e-mail: or with Judith Smith (  tel 0114 201 0770)

Hugh Thompson, TATHS/KHCT Link Trustee.

Created: 20 July 2015