Some of you will be aware that the Home Office is planning to legislate to restrict access to knives and edged weapons, as well as corrosive substances and firearms.  Section 15 of the draft Offensive Weapons Bill introduces controls over the online sale of knives. 

Many of the tools collected and purchased online by TATHS members have sharp edges and there is a risk that these might be caught by the legislation., I have persuaded my MP to write to the Home Office to explain the problem and I attach a copy of the Minister's reply.  It gives some comfort that our concerns will be taken into account, but as ever, much will depend on the final wording of the legislation. 


Home Office letter on Offensive Weapons Bill  

The TATHS Anglia Group will be holding their next meeting on Saturday 13th October beginning at 11.30am sharp. The location will be the Limes Hotel in Needham Market.

Mark Papworth will be coming to talk on Leather working. If you went to Strumpshaw Woodfest you may have seen him there. He is also the maker of the sheaths for Sergio's knives.

From the articles on display he undertakes most leather working items including handbags etc . so do bring your partners. There will be the usual buffet with tea or coffee when you arrive & the cost will be around £10 per head excluding drinks.

Please let Paul Coutts know if you are able to attend.

Paul has also lined up two speakers for the meeting in the New Year. They will be speaking on Pyrography and on chair & associated wood bending.


So far I have received 106 GDPR forms so many thanks to all of you who have sent them in. The response has kept me busy noting them up but there does seem to be a slight shortfall as membership numbers are somewhere above 450.  Are there really 350 of you who don’t want to be included on the list of members or receive any more Newsletters?

If you want a good reason to return the GDPR form I can do no better than repeat a letter sent in with his form by a member in London.

“I enclose a duly circled copy of my ‘permission to include’. I was surprised to find that there were others apart from the list on the back of the Newsletter! In my 5 years of membership I have not come across another member; data is well protected! My next door neighbour might be a member!

This protection could present a problem to my heirs (I am 95) as to how to dispose of my collection of TATHS publications, drawing office equipment and several cwt of tools!”

Unfortunately his next door neighbours are not members but I have a feeling the above member would love to hear from any other nearby members. He lives in London E4 but has no email. Contact me if you would like to make his day by introducing yourself but in any event please send that form in.

Tony Waldis

Hon Secretary

The Amberley Group are hard at work building yet another extension to house their growing collection.

Dear Member,

You may be aware that on 25 May 2018 new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into force. Under the terms of these regulations we are required to inform you about your personal data that we hold and how and by whom it can be accessed.

We have prepared a TATHS Privacy Policy showing the information we collect about you, how it is used and your rights regarding it. The Policy will bes included in this Newsletter and is also available on the TATHS Website in the About Section under Constitution: HERE

We need to record data such as names and addresses to manage your membership of TATHS and deliver the Newsletter and other publications to you. You agreed to us using that information when you joined TATHS but we now need to ask you for specific permission to continue to store and process your data for this purpose with immediate effect.

One way we have used your data has been to provide a Membership List available to all members who have registered for the Members Only section of the Website. If you wish your details to remain on that list we need a written confirmation from you that you are happy for us to make your details available to other members. The Membership List has been withdrawn from the website for a period to enable you to reply.

Many of you have provided TATHS with your e-mail address which has been very useful in arranging local meetings. If we could use email to deliver important notices instead of post it would help reduce our running costs and we are asking for your permission to do this. If you agree, please check that we do have your latest email address.

We are sorry to put you to the trouble of having to write back but it is our understanding that the GDPR requires us to obtain a written permission. Please therefore complete this form  and return it to us, either by post or as a scanned copy.



Please send your reply to the Secretary at the address shown or to the Membership Secretary at the address shown on the back of the Newsletter. We need permission from all members within the UK and European Union.

TATHS has appointed Paul Coutts, Membership Secretary, as our Data Protection Officer to ensure your data is processed according to the law.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this notice or the TATHS Privacy Policy please contact Paul Coutts or Tony Waldis.

A special treat for members: Samuel J Hardman's paper on "History of the Can Opener" is available on the Members' page at CanOpeners 

This is a fascinating paper and well worth reading, even if it is not within your area of interest. Mr Hardman has produced a well researched account of the development of the can opener and similar tools, illustrated with photographs from his collection. Some of them look very similar to our "Whatsits"!