One of the most welcome bits of good news from the 2015 AGM was the unanimous approval by the members that our new president is Jane Rees.

Many TATHS members will know her by reputation and by her many informative publications on tools and their history, especially the standard work on measurement tools "The Rule Book." Many will have her forthcoming fourth edition of "British Planemakers" on their Christmas wish lists. But we can all be sure of her unstinting work in supporting and advancing the Society to the best of her considerable abilities.

Created: 12 May 2015

I see that there are vacancies on the committee. As a relatively new volunteer, I thought I'd add a few comments based on my own experience.

  • Volunteering is rewarding. I've enjoyed updating my web skills, with what I hope is a useful outcome.
  • The rest of the committee are a helpful and friendly bunch.
  • TATHS is not some big institution like NATO or the BBC - it's a bunch of ordinary people, united by a shared fascination for old tools - collecting them, learning about them and talking about them. If you like doing those things, you could help make TATHS even more fun.

Andy Tuckwell


Created: 22 December 2014

The Ken Hawley Collection Trust receives many queries from the public concerning hand tools.  To answer these, they call on the specialist knowledge of their Volunteer Curators (currently there are 25+ volunteers) and anyone else they feel might have suitable knowledge.   Of course, with the sad loss of Ken Hawley last year, his massive source of knowledge is no longer available. With the closer relationship that is developing between our two organisations, the idea has developed of TATHS members with particular fields of knowledge becoming External Curators for the Hawley.

Do you have specialist knowledge of a particular subject?  Would you like to become an External Curator?


Although not published by TATHS we are sure that all members will want to know more about this long-anticipated work.