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amberley hall 1The Tools and Trades History Society is an educational charity, whose aim is to further the knowledge and understanding of hand tools and the trades in which they were used.


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This website is currently a shadow of its former self... but we are working on it as fast as we can, so please bear with us.

There will doubtless be a frustrating number of broken links and missing items for some time to come, as we are having to re-create the site from local backups and copies.

However, over the next few months, pretty well everything that was here before will reappear, including some fascinating downloads,  as will some new items, so check back frequently.

The Members' Section is not yet available but will be back soon. Thank you for your patience.

The cause of the problems is described below.

A message from Evolution Computing:

On Wednesday 10th February, Heart the main website hosting company suffered a complete power failure (more). Although we back up the website weekly, the backups were lost as part of the same event.

We are now working with TATHS to recover the site. The most important aspect is information about the imminent AGM and we have those pages reinstated. Email is operational.

We apologise sincerely for the failure and will be putting in place systems to ensure that this does not happen again.

Evolution Computing
Web design and hosting