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amberley hall 1The Tools and Trades History Society is an educational charity, whose aim is to further the knowledge and understanding of hand tools and the trades in which they were used.


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Dear TATHS Members,

Most frustratingly, we must advise you that we have had to postpone the proposed new Conference dates in October.

The hotel is currently closed. They hope to re-open later in the year but will be enforcing social distancing until the end of the year. So, this precludes groups, lectures, dinners etc.  they have agreed to take our booking forward with no penalties for cancellations.

I have manged to arrange new dates for next year, making it our 2021 conference and 37th AGM. 

These are Thursday 18th March to Sunday 21st March 2021.

This is two weeks prior to Easter. (All of April is now fully booked up, mostly with re-arranged weddings from this year.)

It seems that 2020 is turning out to be the year that never was!

We have not yet confirmed with our venues about this change. They are all closed at present.  However, we hope that the programme and speakers will be largely the same.