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We are live - welcome to the (new) TATHS Website

Welcome to our revamped website.  It isn’t all new, just the old site with some tidying up and moving around. But hopefully much quicker and easier to use.  It is still work in progress and it will take time to update every part of the site so please bear with us!

What have we done?

The site still runs on Joomla software but we have replaced some of the aging software with up to date applications. The Shop now uses proprietary e-business software, and our images are controlled by Widgetkit. Over time we will migrate all our content to a new platform called  E-Docman, rather than the six separate sources which exist at present. If we get it right, none of this will be visible to you but you should see the results in quicker, better access.

We have taken the opportunity to tidy up the site. It is huge, getting on for 6 gigabytes of data, which reflects the wonderful content available, much of it seldom looked at. The older News and events reports more than two years old have been archived but can still be provided on request.  Events, the Shop and the Society paperwork are much as before.  But Tools and Trades - related material is gathered under one menu heading and all the downloadable resources - catalogues, eBooks, newsletters and journals are under another heading.

The previous Queries section has been retained but there is now a new area, called Mystery Tools, which we hope will give greater prominence to enquiries. It is linked directly to our Facebook page and should reach a much wider audience than before.   

Sadly, some content is reserved for Society members only, for example shared copies of periodicals and some articles. This is because of the terms under which we are given access. For the rest, it is all free to view and download, though we would ask that you acknowledge TATHS if you make wider use of it.

There is some new content. Following members’ requests we have created a new area for Images which everyone can view and download for their own use. Please let us have any interesting pictures you may hold  which we can share more widely. 

Finally, sincere thanks to Sarah Hayes our developer whose technical knowledge and creativity have done us proud. The innovations are hers, the errors mine……

Bob Evans



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