TATHS were present at this popular show organised as usual by our Events Co-ordinator Mike Rogers ably assisted by Ray Betts.

I was able to help out on Saturday as despite the mixed weather a good influx of visitors was expected.

Mike had organised a rope making demonstration following the construction of a small table top rope making machine by fellow member Colin Sullivan. This was extremely popular but the paper hats did not do so well. The TATHS stand was well presented using part of Mike's collection of garden / agricultural tools together with a good display of whatsits to keep the public amused.

A good family show at which to keep the TATHS name to the forefront.

We all enjoyed the show and camaraderie between us and would urge other members to give a day of their time to help out at these events as the time is fast approaching where without your support the numbers of these events where we can attend will fall. These events encourage new members to join and provide a chance to chat with TATHS members in the locality.

Paul Coutts

Membership Secretary

Photos show Mike demonstrating rope making.