TATHS have been invited to take part in the Wild Wood Festival at Wakehurst on the Spring Bank Holiday 2017 (27th-29th May)

Some members may remember that TATHS  took part in a similar Festival at Wakehurst from 1995 until 2002, missing one year due to the Foot and Mouth outbreak. From 2003, TATHS attended the Woodland Wonders Festival at Kew for many years.

The Festival will take place at Wakehurst Place near Haywards Heath, Sussex. 

The event will be well publicised and a strong TATHS presence will be good for the Society. The stand will need a minimum of 5 volunteers per day, making a total of 15 for the three days (this was achieved for the Woodland Wonders at Kew. There will be an area set aside for camping for the event.

The theme will be the celebration of traditional crafts and the TATHS display will reflect woodland skills with a Whatsit Quiz, Paper Hats,Rope Making and Spills etc.
TATHS has already accepted the invitation to attend, all it needs is the volunteers!

Please contact : Mike Rogers

Tel Mob:07508637441 or e-mail : michaelrog@hotmail.co.uk