A quick report on the meeting of the Wessex Group on 12th March to accompany the report on the Radstock Museum Exhibition on the Home Page. 

Local historian Denis Chedgey gave us a talk about the origins of the museum which was founded in 1985 and shows what can be achieved by drive and determination. There are some good displays to be seen, including a restoration of the local Cooperative delivery cart, a blacksmiths forge and various other tool collections. 


This being TATHS, there was the usual tools and chat with some unusual examples:

  • Nick White unearthed a bizarre case  which he claimed were a set of  larding needles. 

20170312 123011 1024x576

  • Andy Tuckwell is modelling a tool which we believe is a cobble lifter (but it would be good to get some confirmation)

20170312 122238 1024x576 1024x576

  • A wonderful and rare set of planemakers floats 

Planemakers floats 568x1024

and of course there was chat.....

20170312 133954 1024x576

An example of Jane's wonderful posters for the  exhibition:

20170312 141848 001 576x1024

Coopers Tools