Apple Affair – West Dean Gardens Nr Chichester

1st &2nd October 2016

DSCN4763 1024x768Arrived on site on the Friday to set up and was met by 2 members of the International Guild of Knot Tyers  (IGKT) ,  Ken Yalden and Bob Pierce who wanted to join us on our stand. We helped each other with our 2 gazebos and partial set up. The weather was fine after earlier rain.

DSCN4764 1024x768 1024x768

On the Saturday (the first day of the show) the ground was wet due to overnight rain.Ray Betts and  I were joined by Ken, Bob and 2 other members of IGKT : Richard Hopkins and Robert Underhill (from Western Australia). We set up our respective stalls, TATHS display of Garden tools and Apple Peelers, Whatsits and Paper Hats, the IGKT with their Rope Maker and Knot Tying stand.

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It rained in short spells but did not put off the public who were interested in both stalls. The grass soon became muddy and it became necessary for the organisers to cover it with sweet smelling hay.   The apple peeling was a great success except that it attracted the wasps so we had to clean up after every apple peeled.

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On the Sunday the weather was fine but not enough to dry out the muddy area so it became necessary to add more hay in front of the stalls.  We had more visitors to the stand and were able to make a few paper hats, the Whatsit display continued to draw in more visitors. The IGKT had a lot of interest over the 2 days and would like to join us again next year. Visitors took our Taths leaflets and hopefully will result in new members.

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My thanks to Ray Betts for helping me once again with this event.

Mike Rogers