Wild Wood Festival at Wakehurst Place, Ardingly

West Sussex

Spring Bank Holiday (27 -29th May 2017

TATHS have been invited to take part in the above Festival, some of you may remember that we took part in a similar Festival at Wakehurst  from 1995 until 2002 missing one year due to the Foot and Mouth outbreak. 

IMG 7259 1I arrived on site on the Friday afternoon and were directed into a wooded area.Ralph Griffin was already on site and was almost set up with mostly garden tools, I then proceeded to erect my gazebo and set out the display which reflected  woodland skills with a Whatsit Quiz, Paper Hats, Rope Making and Spills etc.

Having not found the camping site I erected a small tent to the rear of the display, Ralph as usual slept in his van.

The next morning Ray Betts arrived and we continued to set up ready for the public. This was  the start of the Spring Bank Holiday and so the event was mainly a  children’s event so the rope making and the paper hats were a great success. Ray slept in his car overnight which was very uncomfortable.

IMG 7261 1

On the Sunday we were joined by Colin Sullivan and his friend Alan They worked on the rope maker and had queues of about 10 children all day long and I made the paper hats, Ralph had bought along his shave horse and demonstrated its use by making axe handles. Ray decided to go home to a comfortable bed, so he left with Colin and Alan. That night there was a thunder storm and as I was lying in my tent I remembered the saying “never shelter under a tree during a thunder and lightning.

IMG 7296 1024x683

The next morning was clear and sunny, with just Ralph and myself we had a very busy day I had to forgo making paper hats and just do the rope making.

IMG 7302 1024x683

IMG 7309 1024x683


At the finish we packed up and because the ground was so wet underneath we were either towed out or as with Ralph’s tools loaded into their trailer and transported to his van.


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IMG 7315 1024x683



It was a very interesting weekend and I am sure that we will be invited again next year. My thanks to Ralph ,Ray, Colin and Alan for helping with this event without whose help I could not accept this event.

Mike Rogers


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