TATHS at Framlingham Country Show 13/14 April 2019


At 7.15 am on Saturday 13th April 2019 TATHS Membership Secretary and Anglian Group coordinator Paul Coutts assisted by TATHS Secretary Tony Waldis, Brian and Debbie Mansfield, David Finnigan and Peter and Nikki Slaughter set up a TATHS display in the grounds of Framlingham College at what turned out to be a very well attended (despite the biting easterly wind and occasional sleet showers) eclectic event (we were sited between an artisan gin maker and a tattooist!) . Tony brought along his personal display case of antique Drill Braces, a display stand of associated Bits and a display stand of Spokeshaves and similar tools. Brian set up his work stand with a partly finished wooden pattern for a ship’s propeller blade, he only has to stand by it with a wood chisel in his hand and visitors seem drawn to it. This item has proved to be a good “crowd puller” at each event Brian has attended unfortunately, he was not able to attend on the second day which was perhaps one degree warmer but we still had to dislodge the ice that had formed on the roof of the tent overnight!

This was the first time TATHS had attended this particular show and we were not sure if there would be the “right” sort of visitors for TATHS, sales of publications were slow though membership leaflets seemed to go quite fast but none resulted in a signing-up on the spot, although we did sell a TATHS apron; we must hope that membership seeds have been sown.

You will be welcome to join us or even drop in for a chat at one or more of our forthcoming events:-

Sat & Sun 1/2 June at Elveden , Suffolk Country Show

Sat & Sun 20/21 July at Strumpshaw Tree Fair Norfolk

Sat & Sun28/29 September At The Weald Country Show Brentwood Essex

Peter Slaughter