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Throughout its history, TATHS has always provided a service to identify puzzling old tools. Queries can come from anyone - museum curators, collectors, or someone clearing out a relative's shed. Whatever the source, TATHS members like the challenge of identifying and explaining mystery objects! These "Whatsits" have been published in our quarterly newsletter - and still will be - but this section of the website will feature a selection of them, generally with bigger pictures than we can print in the newsletter. If you have any answers, or just guesses that might be helpful, you can add them in the comments. To submit a query, take some photos and email them with your question to our Queries Editor, at queries@taths.org.uk.

Christine Baker would appreciate some help to identify these tools, dated 1918. 

Patrick Clement is hoping for some help with these intriguing tools.

Baird was a known photographic supplier in Scotland.

Roy Forward would welcome help in identifying this artifact.

A query from Roy Forward, about a photograph he received from a friend in France, which he took at a village open day.

Stan Tyrer wonders if anyone can identify this tool.

This question by Richard Webb has provoked a lively debate on our facebook page,  so I thought it worth transferring to the website.  

Maarten Sjouw would like to find out more about two planes and a drawknife which have irons marked "Iohn Green".  The front handles are of a shape similar to a plane from 1769.

Philip Lean of Canberra   is interested in finding out about a very old saw he bought in a  secondhand/recycling store in Canberra, Australia. 

The enigmatic WB!

Brian Egan bought this beautiful old tool made by Joseph Haywood and Co.

Scott Essen has  found an old hand saw that has no makers mark on it that he can see,

Jerome van der Meulen found this tool in a second hand shop in South Africa. It looks  a bit like like a horse‚Äôs hoof pick, but not quite.  Jerome would welcome our help in  identifying this. 

Dan Putnam recently purchased a small lot of shaves that included this particular example. He believes that it is some type of coach router, but despite searching he has been unable to find any other examples of this type.

A fascinating question from Andy Marczewski and an even more fascinating explanation by Jane Rees. 

Robert Lock  was recently given an old (beech) coffin plane fitted with an  original aluminium sole - very badly corroded over the years.

Colin Jordan would be interested to know if any members have information about an Asprey's tool box which he purchased some years ago. There are a few items missing and he is keen to know more about them.