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1787 Directory of Sheffield

A facsimile of a very early directory of Sheffield, first published by Gale and Martin in 1787.


Gimlet Patterns and Manufacture

The publication which was issued to all TATHS members last year is now available for purchase by non members in the Shop section of the website.


Mr. Marquois's Most Useful Pair of Scales

Thomas Marquois was a Huguenot, living in London in the last quarter of the 18th century. Around 1778, he invented a set of parallel scales that greatly simplified military sketching in the field.


The Care of Saws

Reprint of a booklet, written by C. C. Taintor and published by the Taintor Mfg. Company, New York in 1908.


The Tool Chest of Benjamin Seaton

This important publication describes a unique set of over 200 tools from the late eighteenth century, giving an extraordinary insight into the trade practices of the time.


The Warrington Chest

This amazing chest was made by a Sheffield pattern maker, Ernest Warrington, when he was just 18 years old. The book traces Ernest’s family history, explains the trade of pattern making and its context in Sheffield, and tells the story of how the chest passed down the family.



Yarns from the Ropeworks

The latest TATHS publication for members is now on sale.


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