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1787 Directory of Sheffield

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A facsimile of a very early directory of Sheffield, first published by Gale and Martin in 1787. The full title is "A Directory of Sheffield Including the Manufacturers of Adjacent Villages: with the several marks of the Scissor and Filesmiths, Edgetool and Sickle Makers. To which are added, the Regular Setting out and Return of Posts; And a Correct List of the Coaches & Wagons"

Entries show the wide range of trades that could be found in the Sheffield area, from  anvil makers, through the makers of buttons, edge tools, fenders, files and leather inkpots, to the makers of penknives, saws and scissors.

Alongside their addresses are reproductions of their distinctive marks, making this directory useful in identifying the makers of surviving eighteenth century hand tools.

An introduction by tool historian Jane Rees sets the historical context.

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