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Catalogues on disk CD No 3

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A collection on CD of scans of historic tool catalogues held at the Society's Tool Collection at Amberley.

An essential reference for the collector or student of tool history, this disk includes:

Cornelius Whitehouse
David Flather & Sons
Elwell (1964)
Goldenberg (1904)
Goldenberg (1950)
Hurst Brothers (Oldham)
A Mathieson & Son 8th edition
A Morris & Sons Dunsford
William Hunt & Sons prices (1905)
William Hunt & Sons (1910)
W Marples & Sons (1903) (excerpt)
Marples (1921)
Skelton (1936)
Spearwell (1969)
Spear & Jackson Family Tree
Nash/Fussells Billhooks (1951)

All scans are in pdf format, suitable to print for your own use, or read on your PC, tablet or phone.

Prices including postage are

UK: 7.00

Europe: £9.50

Rest of World: £10.50

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