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Jane Rees has kindly provided a selection of her photographs to illustrate the variety of tools and trades covered by TATHS.  

The images are copyright to Jane so please acknowledge the source if you make use of them elsewhere. 


An ancient and very important craft, which has almost died out. 

A major craft industry at one time, which has given rise to many unique and eminently collectable tools.

A few images of remarkable planes

A rare craft in this day and age but it used to be a major industry

A few photos of bookbinding in process....

A selection of photos showing the making of a wheel:

Making and using a scythe

A selection of intriguing engineering tools from the Amberley Collection

Since time immemorial man has invented tools to help him in the tasks he wants to carry out. Craftsmen have for many years made specific tools or copied manufacturers tools, to undertake the various operations they perform to produce a finished article.

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