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Older Queries

Older Queries

This section contains all the queries posted on the old website up to May 2020. There is a vast store of information here so please browse and make use of the search facility to find out more.  

A mystery tool

Ed  Melusky would like some help to identify this tool. It looks so familiar, but what is it?  

Photo of a strange tool

Steve Lee asks if we know what this tool was used for. 

An unidentified spokeshave tool

Travis would welcome hlep with identifying this recent pruchase!

A Belzer screwdriver

Igor Odintsov hopes that TATHS visitors could help with identifying  the original manufacturer of a particular Belzer screwdriver. (See picture attached, please).  It bears a prominent "British made" logo.

Is this a train saw?

Luke Tweddle is hoping we can help identify the maker of this hand saw.

A photo of a hammer

The Norfolk Museums service were given this hammer with a request for identification.

Photo of a mystery tool

Nick White acquired this mystery tool recently. Any ideas anyone?

Is this a Bauscheraube?

Haio Zimmermann is an archaeologist who works in Germany and in the Netherlands. He is working on a publication about a traditional hoisting instrument to screw up heavy loads like timber houses, water- and windmills, ships etc.

Is this a Cutwell saw?


The photos show a handsaw recently acquired by Tony Waldis.

Tony Murland has loaned this first object to TATHS and would welcome ideas from members as to what it is....

Dean Butler has been referred to us from the Science Museum to identify this device. 

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