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Older Queries

Older Queries

This section contains all the queries posted on the old website up to May 2020. There is a vast store of information here so please browse and make use of the search facility to find out more.  

Doug Cardwell would like to know what these tools are used for.

Paula Drummond inherited this tool from her grandmother. She is wondering if it was for a specific use, perhaps linked to equine care, since her grandmother owned a horse.

Jenny Fowler, writing on behalf of Bristol Design, has found something which they haven't seen before in 30 years...

John Crumble has asked for advice on this mysterious tool.

Peter John Arnold  is trying to find the origin of a old draw knife that he found whilst buying old tools.

Christine Baker would appreciate some help to identify these tools, dated 1918. 

Patrick Clement is hoping for some help with these intriguing tools.

Baird was a known photographic supplier in Scotland.

Roy Forward would welcome help in identifying this artifact.

A query from Roy Forward, about a photograph he received from a friend in France, which he took at a village open day.

Stan Tyrer wonders if anyone can identify this tool.

This question by Richard Webb has provoked a lively debate on our facebook page,  so I thought it worth transferring to the website.  

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