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A Savage Looking Tool.............

The tool in the photos attached was given to our secretary by his window cleaner, who also does house clearances.  The tool is 11” long overall and stands 5 and ½” tall when clamped to a bench.

20210226 142111 1024x768

The business end is 2 and ¼” diameter and consists of metal plates with saw teeth on the edges. The shape is a pointed cone and it is revolved by the wooden handle. The only markings are the word ACO stamped on both the column and the horizontal shaft. Tony thinks this is a name rather than initials as there are no full stops or gaps between the letters.  When the tool is turned the saw teeth would be presented side on to whatever it was guided into so would scrape not cut.

20210226 142013 1024x768

Any ideas what it is for?

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