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An unusual European Smoothing Plane

Neil Gibb purchased this plane recently and it was in a well-used state.

20210314 163146 768x1024

The type of adjustable mechanism is unusual: it has up and down but no side to side adjustment, once the iron is set you  can turn the lower adjuster which locks the iron in place.

20210314 163314 768x1024There is some writing on the iron and back iron but it is not legible. 

20210314 163214 768x1024

the body is 9 5/16 long by roughly 2 1/2 square of  some kind of fruitwood maybe apple. 

20210314 163223 768x1024

20210314 163353 768x1024

20210314 163402 768x1024

Neil thinks it could be from one of our European friends, 

any thoughts would be appreciated.

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