Friday 6th April to Sunday 8th April 2018

    Our Annual Conference in 2018 will be held in and around

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 Sandy Bathgate has asked us to promote this event in Bathurst, New South Wales.

If you leave now, you should be able to get there by May!

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A Happy New Year to everyone interested in old tools and crafts

As the New Year is a major festival in the Far East, I thought it would be interesting to introduce an oriental flavour and feature some tools from Japan. Here is a short article on Japanese sumitsubo (ink pots for laying down a line on timber), which may be of interest.    


Richard Philips has helpfully expanded on the background to our recent publication on ropeworks. Some useful links here. 

The TATHS publication of Mr Ellwood's memoir, 'Yarns from the Ropeworks' is commendably well produced, my compliments to you and your printer. I know how much effort Mrs Robinson put into editing Mr Ellwood's memoir, and taking photographs.

There is a wealth of material contained in the back issues of the TATHS Journals and Newsletters.  It deserves to be better known and used. So, as a present to all our visitors, we are publishing copies of all the issues we hold up to 2012.  You can find them under the "Resources" menu at the top of the page.

The first 70 issues of the Newsletter have been indexed and we have included both a title and a subject index in the lists. The pages also give a short list of key articles in each edition although they do not do justice to the detail and insights which you can find in the correspondence and "Whatsits" sections.   

Go and have a look! 

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Our latest TATHS publication Yarns from the Ropeworks is now available for purchase. This is a fascinating and often amusing account of the production of rope and yarns by the firm of D.F.Ellwood and Son. 62 pages describing the fibres used, the processes in rope making and a history of the firm by David Ellwood.

Price including postage is £9.30 UK, £12.00 Europe and £13.10 Rest of World.




We are pleased to be able to offer a limited number of copies of a book by Chris How, Historic French Nails and Fixings. This is a 126 page work covering tools and techniques, nails and their characteristics, nailmaking, rivets and door nails and early screws and bolts.


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Price including postage for this rare book is £21.80 UK, £25.20 Europe and £28.00 Rest of World.