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Members will I am sure be sad to learn of the death of Sylvia Blogg recently at the grand age of 89. 

Sylvia was a fascinating person and a lively addition to our meetings and Annual Conferences.  She had a huge personal interest in music and drama, founded the Ramsgate Operatic Society in 1960, which was where she met her husband Hugh.  Hugh had a strong interest in tools and trades and Sylvia continued in membership faithfully after his death. 

Sylvia had an insatiable zest for life, swam in the sea in the summer months and only gave up driving 2 years ago. Her persona was quite unique and we will miss her.

Good news and a little bit of admin.

After a bit of extra work that nobody wanted, the popular Members-Only section of the site is back online. Hooray!

In it, we put documents about the conduct of the society, the list of members, and a selection of really useful and interesting historic publications for free download. To get to it, you need to be

  • a paid-up member of the society, and
  • have registered as a user of the website, and
  • been checked as a member to have your account turned on.

Registration is as easy as we can make it - you just need your usual name, a username (nickname), an email address and a password of your own choice.

We have links with several  overseas organisations devoted to tools and their preservation. One our our most active links is with the The Hand Tool Preservation Society Of Western Australia and we have a regular dialogue with Arthur Cunniffe, the current editor.

You can explore  the THTPSWA website yourselves but since Arthur is kind enough to send us their monthly newsletter we thought it only fitting to promote it on our own site and attach a  copy of their July newsletter.

Benchmark July 2016

If you want to know more about our links with THTPSWA, Hugh Thompson is the TATHS link man.  

Anyone lucky enough to have been to one of the special charity days organised by TATHS member Richard Arnold will know that he has hit on a winning formula which has just got better and better over the last three years.

Richard opens his workshop to visitors from TATHS and selected online groups. The workshop is interesting enough, with a wonderful assortment of ancient and modern tools. To this he adds a selection of old tools, for sale for an appropriate donation. Visitors bring more and their generosity is obvious.

Another kindred organisation which has sent us its newsletter. The NHIG is offering a number of specialist courses, seminars and conferences for those interested in traditional ironworking techniques.  Have a look at the newsletter for further details.

NHIG Newsletter