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amberley hall 1The Tools and Trades History Society is an educational charity, whose aim is to further the knowledge and understanding of hand tools and the trades in which they were used.


TATHS Facebook Page


We have had a few technical problems but the refreshed website is in the process of being transferred over to this address.  Keep watching...

Bob Evans


Tuesday 19th January 2021



You may have noticed that the website is getting a bit worn - not everything works and there are embarrassing gaps on some pages.  Fortunately we have a fresh version of the site in preparation . 

Our aim was to go live shortly after 1st January but because of illness we have put this back for a week. Expect to see something new from around  12th January  2021.     

And if you are interested in getting involved, there is lots to do updating the site, so please contact me at webmaster@taths.org.uk 


Bob Evans 



Almost certainly the last post on our old website, here is the Anglia Group's newsletter for January 2021.  Thanks to Trevor Winter for pulling it together.

January Newsletter 

Molers, sailmaker's square, hemp cultivation in the 16th Century and lots of planes. Something for everyone!  



We have been forced to postpone the TATHS conference and AGM onvce again. Fortunately, Nick White has managed to secure revised dates at the Holiday Inn Filton, Bristol for 

 Thursday 9th September  to Sunday 12th September  2021.

We hope to run a very similar programme the the original planned for March 2020 but we cannot promise anything just yet!


We have revamped our  Exchange Journal arrangements and negotiated digital copies from some of our main partner bodies. 

Third party periodicals and journals can be found under the Resources section of the Website - here . In addition to our regular exchange journals,  we now have the journal of our French partners,  Les Amis de l'Outil.  Have a look, it's fascinating.  

In addition, we now have digital exchanges with the Society of Genealogists and the first two copies of their journal are available under the Exchange Journal tab on the Member's site.


We are delighted to let you know that Amberley Museum and the TATHS Tool Collection will be reopening to the public from Wednesday 29th July.  You can find details of the arrangements on their website at: 


 The museum will be open five days a week from Wednesdays to Sundays. Advance booking is required: see the website for how to go about this.  

 Details of the Amberely Tool Collection are here:

Amberley Tool Collection


During Lockdown, Richard Arnold has produced a remarkable series of articles on Facebook about his 18th Century plane collection. This is a detailed and very knowledgeable insight into the various makers and designs  and Richard  has now collected them together into a new website: 

Richard  will add more planes  as and when time allows.He has said that if anyone wants more information on any of the planes, just send him a message and he will do his best to help.

The Hawley Trust has  been putting together some digital presentations for the project as they are unable to hold the talks at the moment.  Here are the links for you to have a look.  Please feel free to share them.

You can see them at the Ken Hawley Collection Trust channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ-tSdWLq8_dA9ytqBfm1UA/

The latest ones added this week are:

Stainless Steel and the Sheffield Cutlery Trade - https://youtu.be/bjE1KWd1S3g

Trade Catalogues in The Hawley Collection - https://youtu.be/nUuHMJt8_mA

Name on the Knife Blade – Part 1: Project Origin - https://youtu.be/KMKbFfn2KjA

Name on the Knife Blade – Part 2: Introduction to the Website - https://youtu.be/7sjKP_GoR8c